WOW!  Can You Say Tecmo Bowl?!?!  #Gots2BMoCareful

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It’s time to cancel Xmas!  I think I have seen it ALL!!  #WhatIsWeGonDo

If you’ve been following the “Uncle Drew” Pepsi Max Series you’re going to LOVE Ch. 3  - A Nice Surprise In Store

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Another reason to HATE J.E.T.S fans…WOW!!


IFWT_Kobe Jordan 5

Single BLACK Baller - Is this the same as Sampling?  Is this the same as Joke Stealing?

Cherry Jolly Rancher

There have been some crazy injuries in the past but I am not sure I have ever heard of a candy injury. Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church who missed all of last season with an achilles injury, missed practice on Monday from an injury stemming from a chipped tooth while eating a cherry jolly rancher.

“The pain was crazy,” Church said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I was numbed up yesterday because of the dentist appointment. They didn’t want me to practice, but I will be out there today (Tuesday).

There are a lot of fights that I have fought In the past but the fight about Hockey players being the toughest among the Big 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL) is over.

Hockey players by far are the toughest Sum-MaMa-Bitches in the WORLD CRAIG!!!!

A video recently surfaced of a young man explaining why he loves his mother so much and what inspired him to save his money and pay off her mortgage as a token of his appreciation.  BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL

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5 Misconceptions About Having A Side Chick

Misconception #1: She Should Look Better Than Your Main Girl
This is a definitive no-no. That’s a straight shot to over-shooting your target. If your intention is to have a friend on the side, don’t complicate it with things like beauty. Really though, the easier it is to stare at her is the harder it’ll be to leave. I’m not suggesting you hang with a boogerwolf, but there’s no need to further tempt yourself with a hot chick. No reason to carry a dime when a nickel will do just fine.

Misconception #2: You Need To Spend Quality Time With Her
Unless you plan on replacing your current love interest, there’s no tangible logic behind getting to know her, and vice versa. And yes, it’s entirely possible to spend time with someone without knowing their life story. You don’t need to tell her yours, either. Save all that mental intimacy for the person who actually deserves it.

Misconception #3: The Sex Should Be Incredible
False. All bullsh*t aside, there’s a thin line between good sex and makin’ love. A wise man knows the difference between the two, and when to do which. Not knowing the difference between a soul connection and some slap ‘n’ tickle can have devastating effects. Avoiding those effects is relatively easy because your side chick shouldn’t ever be at the business end of any bone-jarring sex unless you’re ready to face the consequences. These include stalking, pregnancy, possible fights between her and your real girlfriend, etc. Tread lightly on unknown soil, my friends.

Misconception #4: There Should Be A Deep Connection Between You Two
Romantic candle-lit dinners and soft music isn’t to be shared with just anyone. That’s an environment you want to share with someone you trust and care about, not somebody whose number is stored in the phone under a fictitious name or title like “Cousin T.” If she’s not good enough to be your girl, she’s perfect for fast food. No intended disrespect to any professional side orders, I’m just saying.

Misconception #5: You Have To Lie To Kick It
Negative. If ever there was a time to be honest-ish, it’s now. If she doesn’t know she’s your extra value meal, then you’re already in some sort of violation. Now you have to live that lie inside of the lie you’re currently living. It’s like the movie “Inception,” with more humor and (probably) less White people. You want your side chick to understand her place in your universe – upfront and blatantly – unless you enjoy grocery store parking lot cat fights, paying for key scratch damage to your car, and/or death threats.

I don’t advise nor promote cheating, so this is just some friendly advice to be taken at face value. However, make no mistakes; Stevie knows exactly what he’s doing. And for the record, I wouldn’t advise such a kamikaze technique to any amateurs.


JaMarcus Russell tells his story of going from No. 1 draft pick in the NFL to out of the league after three seasons.


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